The daughters of Mary Thompsett (above) saw the exhibition and donated a wonderful eighteenth century book telling the fascinating story of a merchant and financier, now on display in the Museum for the 2018 season.
​Ruth Pearson (centre) is still alive and an oral history with her is being planned.

Redevelopment of the Almonry: the Museum is partnering Battle Town Council in its project to redevelop the Almonry building into a heritage education centre, returning the building at the same time to its fifteenth century glory.

 Education: we have a partnership with Battle and Langton School to help the children  with their history curriculum. In 2017 Battle and Langton sent ten parties of children (Year 1, Year 4 and Special Needs) on tours of the Museum. A pop up 'Civilisations' display is arranged.
The word it seems is spreading and in October 2017 we hosted visits from the Battle Rainbows. We are very keen to do more of this work. 

Battle Museum in the Community

Battle Museum of Local History has its roots in the community. It arose from the 1951 Festival of Britain when people of the town contributed historic objects for an exhibition. These had to be kept somewhere and that led to the creation of the Museum from 1956.
Three examples from the wide range of our community activities are given below. If you would like help with the historical aspects of your project, please contact us on

Community exhibitions: in October 2017 we put on a highly successful photographic exhibition in Battle Library about the people of Battle in 1947, having had some success previously in prompting the memories of the elderly with photos from our archives. 
​This photo produced a tremendous response and so the project is still going: