This season we have two  new exhibitions on the History of the Post Office, with special reference to the Battle branch and also an original copybook of Philip Papillon, whose descendants once owned Crowhurst Park.  Come and find out more...

Battle Post Office in the 1970s

Papillon's Copybook

​​​Battle Post Office

Two New Special Exhibitions

Find out about the changing face of the Post Office in Battle and beyond.
Learn about Brian Roberts, a former postman, who saw the role change radically over his working life.  He earned medals as a Post Office Driver – maybe someone in your family has some?  Do you have any stories about working in the Post Office?  

If you are local, can you tell us who are the two women standing in front of the Post Office in this photograph from the 1970s?

Philip Papillon​'s Copybook

This copybook from 1710 gives a fascinating insight into the life of the international trader whose operations extended as far as Archangel in northern Russia and who was heavily involved in provisioning the Royal Navy during the War of the Spanish Succession.  Papillon was also an MP and landowner in Kent, and who was most put out when his daughter won two prizes in one of the first state lotteries... but he was unlucky! There
is also an article about Papillon and
​the copybook in the History Bank.